Všeobecné informácie pre turistov

Víza: Visitors from the USA, most western European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Israel, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong do not require visas. Automatic entry for between 30 and 90 days is given on arrival.
Zdravotné riziká: Cholera, Hepatitis, Malaria, Dengue Fever
Časové pásmo: GMT/UTC +6
Dialling Code: 94
Electricity: 230-40V ,50Hz
Weights & measures: Metric  

Očkovania + lieky

* A/B hepatitída (aspoň dve z troch dávok)
* Brušný týfus
* Tetanus
* Antilamariká
* Paralen, Medipiryn, Čierne uhlie,


* Odporúčam prefotiť si zadnú stranu pasu, taktiež si vziať preventívne očkovací preukaz
* Nechať si 1500Rps ako predodletovú taxu, My sme ju mali započítanú už v letenke, ten kto ju však nemá jej súčasťou mal by s tým počítať a odložiť si túto čiastku. Ak ich nakoniec predsa len neminie dá sa vždy na poslednú chvíľu zameniť späť do EUR či USD.

 Kedy cestovať

Climatically the driest and best seasons are from December to March on the west and south coasts and in the hill country, and from May to September on the east coast. December to March is also the time when most foreign tourists come, the majority of them escaping the European winter.

Out of season travel has its advantages - not only do the crowds go away but many airfares and accommodation prices go right down. Nor does it rain all the time. Reefs may protect a beach area and make swimming quite feasible at places like Hikkaduwa, which during the monsoon can be quite pleasant.


Sri Lanka has an enormous range of Buddhist, Hindu, Christian and Muslim festivals. The Kandy Esala Perahera (July/August) is the country's most important and spectacular pageant, with 10 days of torch-bearers, whip-crackers, dancers, drummers and elephants lit up like giant birthday cakes. It climaxes in great procession honouring the Sacred Tooth Relic of Kandy. Second in importance is the Duruthu Perahera (January), held in Colombo, which celebrates a visit by Buddha to Sri Lanka.

Other celebrations include National Day (February), which is celebrated with parades, dances and national games; New Year (March/April), celebrated with elephant races, coconut games and pillow fights; Vesak (May), a sacred full moon festival commemorating the birth, death and enlightenment of Buddha; the Hindu Vel festival (July/August) in Colombo, where the ceremonial chariot of Skanda, the God of War, is hauled between two temples; and the predominantly Hindu Kataragama festival (July/August) in Kataragama, where devotees put themselves through the whole gamut of ritual masochism.